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Fort A.P. Hill Weather:


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Be Prepared -- Contact phone in case of emergency:
Phone 804-633-2222 (only answered from 7/26 to 8/4)
Boy's Name, Sub-Camp 10, Troop 1006

The Future is NOW--National Jamboree July 24 to August 4, 2010 For the Scout Going to Jamboree...

Medical Form is due before leaving for Jamboree, contact Troop 1006 Scoutmaster
Payments: All payments are due, contact the NEIC office
Travel Plans: Itinerary for Jamboree Travel
7/24, Saturday --Board Busses for Day in Washington, D.C. Meet at Northbrook Court at 4:30PM

7/25, Visit to the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Jamboree 2010 Welcome Packet NMMC.pdf
Web Site: For Museum of the Marine Corps.
Menu: Student on the Go MENU or Sit and Eat MENU

7/26, Monday --Fort A. P. Hill, Virginia  

What to bring: Required Personal Equipment
What to wear: Official Jamboree Uniform and Official Patch Placement

Plan: Advancement Planner
Participate: Jamboree Youth Leadership
Budget: Jamboree Smart Bracelet and Jamboree Discover Prepaid Card

What can I do: Jamboree Activities
When can I do it: Daily Jamboree Schedule
Where can I do it: Jamboree Camp Map
What to See: Shows and Entertainment at Jamboree

Where am I going: Google Map of Frt. AP Hill
Where is Troop 1006: Map of Troop 1006 Jamboree Camp Site and/or Satellite Views & Google Earth

Be Prepared: Emergency Preparedness
Stay Connectted: Connections and Jamboree
Scout Agreement on Use during Jamboree Trip: Troop Cellphones and Electronics Plan
8/04, Wednesday --Return home in the evening (ETA is 8:30 P.M.)
Follow the Jamboree on Twitter at these sites:
www.Twitter.com\ActionAlley2010 -- View tweets at bottom of this page!
www.Twitter.com\ActionDRappel -- Rappeling wall at Action Center D
www.Twitter.com\JamboTroop1041 -- From NorthStar Council, also in SubCamp 10

National Jamboree Micro-Blogging
ActionAlley2010 on Twitter
Note: Action Alley
is an activity in
an Action Center
(there are 4 Action Centers).
The Action Alley is a
timed obstacle course
and a zip line.

I will also tweet
about Troop 1006 and
all Jamboree events.

If you ask a question
thru a Twitter update,
I will answer via Twitter.


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