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This page contains information, resources and documents pertinent to the troop.

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1. For The Scout Going to Jamboree...
2. Emergency Preparedness
3. Patrol Web Pages
4. Documents
5. Leaders and Contact Info
6. Web Resources
7. Meeting Agendas
8.Committee Minutes


For The Scout Going to Jamboree....

Travel Plans: Itinerary for Jamboree Travel
7/24, Saturday --Board Busses for Day in Washington, D.C. Meet at Northbrook Court at 4:30PM

7/25, Visit to the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Jamboree 2010 Welcome Packet NMMC.pdf
Menu: Student on the Go MENU or Sit and Eat MENU

7/26, Monday --Fort A. P. Hill, Virginia
What to bring: Required Personal Equipment
What to wear: Official Jamboree Uniform and Official Patch Placement

Plan: Advancement Planner
Participate: Jamboree Youth Leadership
Budget: Jamboree Smart Bracelet or Jamboree Discover Prepaid Card

What can I do: Jamboree Activities
When can I do it: Daily Jamboree Schedule
Where am I going: Google Map of Frt. AP Hill
Where is Troop 1006: Map of Troop 1006 Jamboree Camp Site

Whats to Eat: Patrol Menu

What to See (Shows): 2010 Mysterium Compass
Talent Show-- Call for Auditions
2010 Jamboree Technology Quest

More Maps:
Jamboree Site Satellite View
SubCamp 10 Satellite View
SubCamp 10 Engineers Plan
Jamboree Overview
Location in Virginia Hill
AP Hill Overview Map

Be a Hometown News Correspondent

Stay Connected: Tell Your Jamboree Story and Win!
2010 National Scout Jamboree Mass Notification System: Instructions to register your cell phone

Merit Badges
Scouting Heritage Merit Badge


Jamboree Stamp 2010
Bring post cards and
letters ready to mail
with the Jambo Stamp
Scout Stamp Information

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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Handbook
Emergency Preparedness Award
2010 National Scout Jamboree Emergency Preparedness Award Application
Troop Mobilization Plan BLANK Document

Red CrossThunderstorm Safety.pdf
Red Cross Tornado Safety.pdf
Red Cross Heat Wave Checklist.pdf


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Patrol Web Pages

Porcupines (Blue Patrol):
Spartans (Green Patrol):
Special Ops (Yellow Patrol):
Grizzlies (Red Patrol):


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Troop Documents

Map of Troop 1006 Jamboree Camp Site
2010 Jamboree Emergency Preparedness Award Application
Troop Leadership Application
Jamboree Staff Guide
Subcamp Organization and Management
Timberline Tent Instructions
Proper Care and Feeding of Tents

Jamboree GPS Cooordinates

Items we have to build: Click to see examples of stuff to build
Tent name plaques, buddy board, clothes washing system, clothes drying line, and others.


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Troop 1006 Leaders and Contact Info.

Web E-Mail For: scoutmaster [at] JamboreeTroop1006 [dot] org
Chris Fardoux, Scoutmaster
Surgene Cabell, 1st Assistant Scoutmaster
Robert Collins, 2nd Assistant Scoutmaster
David Dummer, 3rd Assistant Scoutmaster

Web E-Mail For: committee [at] JamboreeTroop1006 [dot] org
Mark Russell, Committee Chairperson


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Web Resources

The Mysterium Compass The OA Show -- Feature Program
BSA Jamboree Web Site Jamboree Page
Scouting Magazine Blog on the 2010 Jamboree
Action Center - Central Region

NEIC Jamboree Troop 1004
NEIC Jamboree Troop 1005
NEIC Jamboree Troop 1007
NEIC Jamboree Troop 1008
NEIC Jamboree Troop 1009

Union Pacific Boy Scout Engine
Union Pacific Video

K2BSA -- Ham Radio at the 2010 BSA National Jamboree

Follow the Jamboree on Twitter at these sites:\ActionAlley2010 -- Click here to view tweets\ActionDRappel -- Rappeling wall at Action Center D
Fort AP Hill Jamboree Web Site
Jambo Leader Web Site


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Troop Meeting Agendas

Unless stated, all meetings are held at
Where: Zion Lutheran Church, 10 Deerfield Rd, Deerfield, IL 60015
When: 7:30 PM

090519 Jamboree Troop Meeting.doc
090930 Jamboree Troop Meeting.doc
091028 Jamboree Troop Meeting.doc
091111 Jamboree Troop Meeting.doc
091216 Jamboree Troop Meeting.doc
100113 Jamboree Troop Meeting.doc
100310 Jamboree Troop Meeting.doc
100407 Jamboree Troop Meeting.doc
100505 Jamboree Troop Meeting.doc
100602 Jamboree Troop Meeting.doc


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Troop Committee Minutes

081209 T1006 Committee Meeting.doc


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National Jamboree: 100 Years of Scouting

Register Your Interest to Go, Now: NEIC Jamboree - Scout interest form
When: July 26 - August 4, 2010
NEIC web page: NEIC National Jamboree Registration
Outline of qualifications: NEIC 2010 NATIONAL JAMBOREE.doc
Web Site:


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